Ted Nugent: Ozzy Would Rather Live in a Tyrant England Than in Hellhole LA

Pontificating on his video podcast, Nugent addressed Ozzy’s decision to leave L.A., unsurprisingly using it as an example to back up right-wing views regarding the crisis of homelessness and poverty in the city and beyond.

When asked by his co-host about a report that Los Angeles voters will decide on a proposal on whether hotels will have to offer vacant rooms to the homeless, Nugent spouts off [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]: “Even my friend Ozzy Osbourne is getting the hell out of Los Angeles because he’d rather live in a tyrant England than in a shooting zone that is orchestrated — a shooting zone, a murder capital that is orchestrated by the court system, the district attorney, the prosecuting attorneys of L.A. county.”

“I just don’t go to high-crime murder zones where you have to sidestep feces and needles in the streets and you see people defecating right there on the sidewalk,” he continued. “And I don’t mean rarely, I mean it’s becoming standard operating procedure. So it’s another manifestation of a cultural abandonment, cultural deprivation that is orchestrated glaringly obviously by the Democrat party and all their cronies. This is a left-wing, socialist, mindless Satanic agenda that celebrates indecency, cruelty, crime, dangerous conditions.”

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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