Steven Tyler turned down the chance to replace Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin

One of the more interesting rumours suggested that Steven Tyler had been asked by Jimmy Page to join Led Zeppelin for a tour and possibly an album. The rumour gained credence after the Celebration Day show in 2007, when Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were said to be ready for more shows. But Robert Plant? Not so much. They'd need a new singer.

The rumour wasn't entirely true, Tyler told Classic Rock. But sorta.

“I went over and played with Jimmy and the rest of them [in summer 2008]," he told Classic Rock. "It wasn’t an audition to be in Zeppelin, it was an audition to play with Zeppelin. We were gonna do a couple of stadiums. And then while I was there, Jimmy spoke to me about maybe doing an album. I went home and thought about it for a couple days, and i got back to him and said: ‘Look, Jimmy, you’re in an iconic band and so am I. I can’t, in good faith, leave my band and be in your band.’

“They let me sing every song I wanted – Black Dog, Stairway To Heaven. But it was just a week. And yeah, Jimmy asked me to do some stuff with him. But I didn’t want to be Coverdale/Page. Plus I figured in the time it would take to do that, I could rally my own band together.

“So, was I gonna be in Jimmy’s band? No. But what an honour."

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