Ted Nugent On Paul McCartney After His Hunting Criticisms

Ted Nugent breaks his silence after The Beatles guitarist Paul McCartney criticized him over hunting. During his new appearance on the recent The Nightly Nuge podcast, Ted Nugent fired back at him and mocked McCartney, touching on his killing everything to collect food from his field.

Nugent is known for his hunting hobbies and his vociferous advocacy of gun ownership rights.

On the other hand, Paul McCartney is one of the biggest musicians in rock, as he is the richest rockstar in the world.

Furthermore, unlike Nugent, Paul McCartney is against hunting and has been a vegan person since the 1970s. He hasn’t eaten meat since then and has worked hard to raise awareness about animal cruelty. He has also tried to inform people about the negative aspects of the animal industry for decades. Along with his music, McCartney devoted his life to greenery, goodness and peace.

However, recently, Ted Nugent talked about Paul McCartney‘s criticisms of him and his hunting hobby. Nugent said McCartney attacked him killing animals. He then added he was asked to react to his criticisms, as he did.

Ted mentioned Paul McCartney and his eating foods besides meat. Disclosing what he would say to Paul McCartney if they meet, Nugent said those words would be thanking him for his extraordinary music, his incredible talent, and his work ethic to making music. He then admitted that Paul McCartney kills a lot of living beings in his field to collect food.

“So I did respond, and I said, ‘If I could talk to Paul, I’d go ‘Thank you, Paul, for enriching mankind with your incredible talents, incredible songwriting, dedication, and work ethic to making music that’s so enriching and brought happiness and escape to our lives,’” Nugent continued.

“Even though he is a tofu guy, which means he hires a guy with a tractor to kill everything to get that field ready for his beans. Then if anything slithers back dismembered into the bean field, Paul McCartney pays that tractor operator, so more money to kill everything that gets in the way of his salad.”

Ted Nugent In Concert At The House Of Blues

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