ROB HALFORD On ROCK HALL Induction: This Is For Heavy Metal Music !

In an interview with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame museum president and CEO Greg Harris, Halford stated about the honor (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "The fact that we have some more heavy metal in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, that's something that us metal maniacs have been longing for and we still long for. We know at some point our wish list of our other friends will maybe have the opportunity to get into the hallowed Halls. But this is not just for JUDAS PRIEST — this is for heavy metal music.

"Heavy metal music is such an important part of the culture and fabric of the United States — so much so that you get a band like PRIEST on 'The Simpsons'. That's the reach that this band has — we'll come into your home at any moment. And that's the great love affair that we've had with America since we first set foot on the shores in the mid-to-late '70s. We keep coming back because we love the United States and we love rock and roll in America. And the fact that we're still here speaks volumes for endurance and believing in yourself and having the great love and support of your fans that have kept us alive and strong and proud in JUDAS PRIEST and for heavy metal.

"So, yes — it's many things rolled into one for this beautiful opportunity, and we're so grateful and honored to be, at long last, in the heavy metal Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."

Judas Priest Perform At The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

Photo: Getty Images North America

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