The 5 best tequila brands to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Fun fact: tequila is one of the only alcoholic drinks that is known for being more of an “upper” as opposed to a depressant, leading us to believe why it may be so widely consumed at fun fiestas. Plus, the spirit is delicious by itself, on the rocks or blended into beloved beverages like margaritas, Palomas and more.

No matter which you choose to cheers with, we have a tequila brand for you. Read on for a list of the classics like Patrón and more recent trendy tequilas like Kendall Jenner’s 818

5. Cazadores Tequila

This is a great one for beautiful packaging at a great price. Cazadores Tequila is made with 100% blue agave

4. 818 Tequila

If the Kardashian/Jenner’s are involved, you know we have to try it. 818 Tequila is founded by model Kendall Jenner, and has taken off all over social media and in bars everywhere

3. Calirosa

Think pink! While many would turn to rosé for the pink stuff, if you like it a bit stronger, did you know there is a tequila that matches?

2. Milagro Tequila

Founded in 1998, the drink is made from 100% blue agave, grown in the Jalisco highlands for the perfect taste of Mexico in each sip.

1. Patrón

When you think tequila, chances are you picture this iconic bottle. Patrón is made with 100% Weber Blue Agave and distilled in Jalisco, Mexico — making it the real deal.

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