An Abandoned Maximum Security Prison in Detroit Is Haunting

The maximum security facility quickly went from being a holding place for some of the state’s worst criminals, to a ruined and crumbling mess that couldn’t be saved.

A quick walk inside the building reveals peeling paint, mold, rust, water damage, and other creepy visages of an abandoned facility that housed some of the worst of the worst and most interesting criminals in Michigan.

The facility has a long and troubling history. It first opened in 1861 as a medium-security building. In 1920, officials changed the facility into a prison farm camp.

The prison closed forever in 2004 and much of the equipment in the prison was left behind to rust and decay. Weeds have also started to overtake much of the outside of the facility.

One of the creepiest rooms in the building is the infirmary. The room was quickly abandoned and holds a history of treating many prisoners.

Before it became a crumbling mess, the Detroit House of Correction was a beautiful building and a landmark of the area where it stands.

There are currently no plans to reinvent the facility. Given the state of the building, it’s likely that the land around the facility will one day be redeveloped for other purposes. At this time, city officials have no likely plans for the historical spot.


Photo: AFP

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