Ratt Offered Big Bucks For Classic Lineup to Reunite

When asked about the state of the band, Pearcy offered (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "Well, I will give you a bit of something. There was an opportunity presented to all of us. Besides [it being] a lucrative thing, it would be amazing."

Pearcy says things got "a little convoluted" when the band started adding different players over the years, and while he offers no disrespect to those who have been part of the lineup during those times, he says he feels it's gotta stop and that the presentation should reflect the legacy.

That said, an offer was supposedly on the table but things still haven't come to fruition. "Out of the blue, we were presented with this opportunity recently, and I'm thinking, 'Wow. Maybe this might… For shits and giggles, the guys might dig it, besides lucratively,'" explained the singer, who added, "But it just ain't gonna fly. And that's where you just leave it alone — leave it alone. Sorry. But that's life, man."

Poison And Ratt In Concert At The Palms In Las Vegas

Photo: Getty Images North America

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