Ted Nugent Slams Johnny Depp Over His Drug Use

Recently, Johnny Depp has concluded the third day of his testimony in court in his defamation case against Amber Heard. In court, some past text messages from Depp surfaced during cross-examination. These messages proved that he was using drugs during his relationship with Heard.

Ted Nugent also touched upon this issue in one of his recent live streams. Known for his anti-drug stance and hate toward drug abusers, Nugent made fun of Johnny Depp, who had difficulty speaking in court. Moreover, the musician said being ‘comfortably numb’ causes someone to miss out on life.

During his live stream, Ted Nugent said the following:

“I bumped into this live courtroom trial of Johnny and his gal. ‘Drug use is a victimless crime.’ No, there are more victims in the vapor trail of drug abuse than maybe anything in the history of our species. Watch this guy try to form a sentence. Where did he go to, the Joe Biden School of syllable challenge? Don’t get high and drunk. Just don’t do it. You become a complete ass. ‘Well, I just like to relax.’ I’m relaxed! I’m almost liquid. I’m so relaxed you could almost pour me into a vat.”

He then continued:

“I’m not comfortably numb. I’m comfortably erect. Don’t get comfortably numb, or you’ll miss some sh*t. You’re going to miss out on a bunch of sh*ts. I could name you some A-list monster celebrities that are friends of mine. They don’t remember anything from 1969 to 1990.

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