It's Criminal The SCORPIONS Haven't Been Inducted Into The ROCK HALL

SCORPIONS have been eligible for the Rock Hall since 1997 but have yet to be nominated in spite of the fact they are the most successful rock act to call Germany home, in addition to having several FM radio anthems to its credit, notably "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "No One Like You" and "Big City Nights".

Four years ago, SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine said that the band "would feel very honored" to one day get inducted into the Rock Hall. "To be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame definitely would be something," he said. "And I think our fans around the world would be proud of that as well. It's something very special after all. And I know my friend Jon Bon Jovi was… BON JOVI, they were inducted recently, so I think there might be a change in politics, like when they start putting in now heavy metal or classic rock bands; they haven't done this for, I think, forever. And there are many bands who would be proud to be inducted. And for us, being a European band, being a German band, it would mean the world."

You never say never. Maybe next year. Maybe at some point in the future. They haven't given up, but it is a bit surprising that they haven't been really mentioned yet

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

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