Old Gibraltar Trade Center site in Mt. Clemens to become Cannabis facility

The cannabis company Pleasantrees and Blake’s Hard Cider are teaming up to open a marijuana and CBD-infused beverage processing facility at the site of the former Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens.

Pleasantrees is also opening a medical marijuana dispensary at the site Friday, which for now is curbside only.

Randy Buchman, the founder and CEO of Pleasantrees, said he grew up near the site of the former Gibraltar Trade Center and called turning the building into a cannabis facility his "Mt. Everest summit."

The site is a well-known landmark in Macomb County, easily recognizable from I-94 because of a massive sign with a mustached man in a brown suit. Gibraltar closed the location in 2017 after 37 years in business, and it was known for offering a wide variety of products, from toys to guns.

Now, Pleasantrees is taking over about 25,000 square feet of the 250,000-square-foot building for its provisioning center and the beverage processing facility.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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