John Lennon’s Regret About Eric Clapton !

It can be said that Lennon’s career included various projects other than his successful career with the legendary rock band, The Beatles. The singer founded a supergroup along with a band with his wife Yoko Ono and worked with different famous musicians as a part of them. In one of these collaborations, the musician regretted working with Eric Clapton after he had watched another guitarist playing.

Clapton and Lennon had known each other for a long time and teamed up with different performances and recording sessions. The two successful musicians played together in a supergroup named The Dirty Mac, including Keith Richards Mitch Mitchell. The band’s only notable appearance was The Rolling Stones’ TV special ‘The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

However, this short-lived supergroup wasn’t Lennon and Clapton’s last collaboration; the guitarist took place in The Beatles icon and Yoko Ono’s band The Plastic Ono Band, a conceptual art-based rock band founded in 1968. Clapton served as a guitarist for the band’s song ‘Cold Turkey,’ which was released in 1969, Later the song took place in the band’s live album entitled ‘Live Peace in Toronto 1969.’

Even though the song got critical acclaim and became a famous post-Beatles work of Lennon, the singer realized that he chose the wrong guitarist while he was working on his fifth album with Ono, ‘Double Fantasy.’ Their producer Jack Douglas, who also had worked with Cheap Trick, offered Lennon to use Cheap Trick as a backing band for the record’s track ‘I’mLosing You.’ So, the band’s guitarist Rick Nielsen and drummer Bun E. Carlos joined him in the studio.

In one of his interviews, Nielsen recalled these times while recording a version of the song, and the Beatles icon watched his performance. He revealed that Lennon admired his playing so much that he turned to Douglas and said he wished he had hired Nielsen for ‘Cold Turkey.’ Clapton was with them too, and according to the Cheap Trick legend, he was speechless after Lennon’s comment about him.

Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, stan

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