Detroit had the 2nd-highest Super Bowl LVI viewer ratings of any city

Only the home of the AFC champion Bengals, Cincinnati, had a higher audience for the big game than Detroit. The Super Bowl pulled in a boffo 45.9 rating points from Neilsen and a 79 market share. That means 79 percent of all televisions that were on in the Detroit market were watching Stafford and the Rams triumph over the Bengals.

The ratings and market share in Detroit blew away the 36.7 and 77 the game pulled in Los Angeles, which also happened to be the host city. L.A. ranked 26th.

1. Cincinnati 46.1/84 2. Detroit 45.9/79 3. Pittsburgh 45.6/74 4. Columbus 45.4/80 5. Kansas City 44.6/76 6. Milwaukee 44/75 7. Cleveland 44/78 8. Boston 42.6/74 9. Philadelphia 42.3/71 10. Jacksonville 41.3/73 Not in top 10: Los Angeles 36.7/77

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images North America

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