Tony Iommi Reflects On His Current Relationship With Ozzy Osbourne

Apparently, Osbourne is the member Iommi stays in touch with the most as they speak regularly.

Despite the previous differences between Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, the two actually remained friends after Black Sabbath’s split. In fact, the guitarist revealed during a recent interview that Osbourne is the member he speaks the most since the duo talks every other week on the phone.

Their relationship isn’t just on a friendship level as they also support each other musically. Iommi wrote and played a track for Osbourne’s upcoming album, proving how close the two musicians have been both musically and personally.

When asked about his relationship with former bandmates, Iommi said:

“Yeah, I’m in touch with Ozzy more than anybody. We talk on a regular basis, probably every other week, something like that. We’ve stayed in contact a lot. In fact, I’ve done a track for Ozzy’s album, as well. I wrote a track and played on it for Ozzy’s new album.”

It’s fair to say that seeing collaborations between two significant members is very important for Black Sabbath fans as well, considering that the former bandmates have a bad reputation for having feuds quite often. Fans can only hope that the two friends remain close at all times and continue to release music together.

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