White Castle cancels 'fine dining' on Valentine's Day

In years past, White Castle would add a few romantic touches to its restaurants, transforming them into "fine dining" rooms, complete with reservations, hostess seating, tableside service and plenty of festive red décor, rather than its usual no-frills tiled floors and blue-and-white tables and chairs. The company said the unique setup drew as many as 30,000 people to participating regional locations in 2018.

But as the highly contagious Omicron surge continues, White Castle announced Tuesday it won't be doing the event at all this year.

Last year, White Castle gave the Valentine's Day celebration a socially distanced tweak. Instead of dining inside, customers could book a parking spot and enjoy car-side service.

The company isn't forgoing the day completely, however. White Castle is making it a to-go celebration with a very pink "Love Cube" meal box.

The meal for two (which can be delivered for free on Valentine's Day through White Castle's delivery partners on all orders $15 and up) includes eight cheese sliders, two small soft drinks and a choice of two shareable sides. Cost of the meal: About $15.

White Castle Puts On The Ritz For Valentine's Day

Photo: Getty Images North America

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