Are you cheering for or against the Rams?

In the interest of the Lions’ rebuild, having the lowest possible pick would be ideal. This would mean a swift playoff departure. Coupled with the second pick in the draft and an early pick in the second round, the Lions are primed to draft a few quality starters. The Lions could still make due with the last selection in the first round, but earlier is always better, especially if a draft day trade arises.

However, rooting against the Rams also means rooting against a key figure in Detroit Lions history. Matthew Stafford was the quarterback in Detroit for over a decade, and it sadly never amounted to much despite the statistical success he achieved. Whether impacted by a coaching carousel, an offensive scheme that never truly catered to his strengths, or a run game that failed to be even average, the Lions failed to win a single playoff game.

If you are a Lions fan still holding on to your affection for Matthew Stafford, this could be a difficult game to root for. Do you cheer for draft position, or do you cheer a former icon of their franchise?

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images North America

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