Nostradamus' predictions for 2022:

We are approaching a new year, and we know what that means: a list of resolutions, and reading our horoscope or prophecies for 2022. If you want to know what the next year might have in the cards for humanity, you might be interested in what Nostradamus had to say about it. Nostradamus predictions are extremely vague. Also, he didn’t exactly refer to exact dates for his predictions, they were based on astrological movements. Here, check out his prophecies for 2022,

Starvation and inflation ...after two years of pandemic and political instability all around the world, it’s not that surprising that 2022 will be marked by some economic crisis.

Climate change... Acording to some Global temperatures are rising and the consequences have been observed during recent years

Rise of Artificial Intelligence.... Sounds like people failing in the trap of social media algorithms,

He supposedly predicted major historical events such as the atomic bomb and the September 11 terrorist attacks. With 2020 and 2021 having been rough years, we have to say that, according to Nostradamus, things for 2022 are not looking any better. Wha do you think ?


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