Ted Nugent Reflects On His Current Relationship With Steven Tyler

Ted Nugent revealed that he’s still in touch with everyone he collaborated with and went on tours together. He highlighted that he recently talked with Aerosmith legends Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

Aerosmith released their eighth studio album entitled ‘Done with Mirrors’ on November 4, 1985. It was considered the band’s comeback after the guitarists, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, returned to the band. They also started their Done with Mirrors Tour to support their album on August 23, 1985, in East Troy. The tour drew great attention and received very positive reviews.

Ted Nugent performed the opening act for Aerosmith in most of the concerts during the tour. The audience appreciated not only Aerosmith’s performance but also Nugent’s vocal talents. Since then, Nugent and Aerosmith members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have pursued a great friendship, but they couldn’t team up for another project or tour. Nugent stated that their schedules didn’t let them come together.

Nugent said in a recent interview that:

“Well, I keep in touch with everybody. I talk to Sammy Hagar, I just shared a text with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.I’m in touch with all of my friends, Ricky Medlocke, Darren… I talk Michael Carlone, Jack Blades. I’ve just been on the phone with Jack Blades’ son, he’s been living in Washington. There’s a bunch of blacktails in his neighborhood and must recommend a bow and arrow. So, I keep in touch with Tommy Shaw. That’s another blessing. I just don’t collaborate musically.

These are my friends my blood brothers, people that I continue to communicate with. We all dream, hope, and pray that schedules can be manipulated, so we all get the same room together. When Jason, Greg, and I got in the barn, fire erupted. We love to play and same with Jack, Tommy, and Michael. We love to play.We love the jam and create unleashed musical ideas.Those guys are so gifted. There’ such musical forces and then you combine them with their work ethic. That’s really the bottom line of all this great music.”

Ted Nugent wanted to emphasize that he didn’t end his friendships at the end of their commercial or musical collaboration. He continued to communicate and support all of them, and it can be said that Nugent has loyal friends that have his back.

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