Ohio's Day Sends Message About The Michigan Game

Ohio State’s never been shy about its hatred for Michigan. The Buckeyes’ main goal each and every season is to beat the Wolverines. Anything else is a cherry on top.

Michigan feels the same way, but hasn’t put as much of an emphasis on the game because of the series’ recent history. The Wolverines haven’t challenge the Buckeyes very much over the past decade or so.

Some feel this could finally be the year Jim Harbaugh gets over the hump and beats Ohio State, though. But Ryan Day isn’t going to make it easy on him.

Day has completely transformed this Ohio State team. The Buckeyes have improved drastically since their early-season loss to Oregon in Week 2. And now all anyone’s talking about in the college football world is Ohio State.

Despite all the postseason noise and distractions, Day and the Buckeyes are solely focused on Michigan.

Michigan will be focused on Ohio ....GO BLUE !


Maryland v Michigan

Photo: Getty Images North America

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