Phil Collins, Genesis kick off final US tour: Detroit Nov 29 LCA

Though the title of the band’s current tour, “The Last Domino?,” suggests an open-ended future, its members have confirmed that this is the final road run for an outfit that helped define prog-rock in the ’70s and reinvented itself to tremendous pop success in the MTV-driven ’80s.

Since the start of the tour in Europe this fall, frontman Phil Collins, 70, whose drumming imbued Genesis with its characteristic sound, has performed seated on stage, the result of debilitating nerve damage that affects his hands and back.

Collins’ 20-year-old son, Nicholas, is replacing his dad behind the drums .Genesis will also be joined on stage by longtime touring guitarist Daryl Stuermer. The band hopes its visually arresting show satisfies its generations of fans with a set list that includes ’70s favorites “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe),” “The Cinema Show,” “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” and ’80s radio smashes “Land of Confusion,” “Invisible Touch,” “That’s All”.

Look for the Band at The LCA ....Nov 29th


(L-R) Tony Banks, Phil Collinsand Mike R

Photo: AFP

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