Top-rated Barbecue Restaurants in Detroit

a truly American tradition, going back to indigenous cultures and picked up by early Spanish colonizers who also gave it the name the cooking style goes by now: barbacoa. Today, barbecue is a wildly popular staple across the U.S., with many cities and regions boasting their own take (and all claiming to have the best). Because barbecue meat spends hours upon hours cooking, restaurants are a go-to source for many Americans who would rather not spend all day and all night tending to their flames. Here is a compiled list of the highest-rated barbecue restaurants in Detroit.....Where is your favorite?

#5. Vicki's Barbecue & Shrimp

#4. Parks Old Style Bar-B-Q

#3. Bert's Market Place

#2. Red Smoke Barbecue

#1. Slows Bar BQ

Notting Hill Carnival 2006

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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