Top-rated Mexican restaurants in Detroit

To be sure, Americans have been influenced by the flavors of our neighbor to the south for hundreds of years. But it wasn't until refugees from southern and central Mexico brought their culinary traditions north to the U.S. like tacos that found their way into the mainstream. An increasingly global culture (and a growing number of Mexican fast-food mainstays and high-end restaurants) have cemented Mexican food's beloved role in U.S. cuisine. Which begs the question: Where does one go for the best Mexican food in Detroit ? Let us Know where Your favorite is !

#10. Xochimilco Restaurant

#9. Taqueria El Rey

#8. Armando's

#7. Detroit Shipping Company

#6. Mexican Village Restaurant

#5. Bakersfield

#4. Los Galanes

#3. El Asador

#2. El Barzon

#1. Taqueria Mi Pueblo

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