Hachette Books has set an October 5 the release date for the new 336-page hardcover book "Eruption: Conversations With Eddie Van Halen" by music journalists Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill.

"Eruption" offers a new look at guitar legend Eddie Van Halen via a groundbreaking oral history composed of more than 50 hours of interviews with Eddie, his family and friends.

Published to coincide with the first anniversary of Eddie's death from cancer, the book highlights his greatest triumphs as a groundbreaking musician, including an unprecedented dive into VAN HALEN's masterpiece "1984". It takes an unflinching look at Eddie's early struggles as a young Dutch immigrant unable to speak English, which resulted in lifelong issues with social anxiety and substance abuse. It also examines his brilliance as an inventor who changed the face of guitar manufacturing, as well as his turbulent marriage to Valerie Bertinelli and his relationships with bandmates David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.

As entertaining as it is revealing, "Eruption" is the closest readers will ever get to hearing Eddie's side of the story regarding his extraordinary life.

Unveiling Of Eddie Van Halen Mural "Long Live The King" By Artist Robert Vargas

Photo: Getty Images North America

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