Ex-CRO-MAGS JOHN JOSEPH Calls Out DAVE GROHL For 'Vaccinated-Only' Shows

Addressing the prospect of fans needing to have vaccine passports to gain entry to gigs ,John said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I forget what the dude's name is — he's in some big fucking band — he's, like, 'I'm not playing any vaccinated-only shows. He was in a big English band; I forget what the name of 'em is. [Then] you've got motherfuckers like Dave Grohl who used to play drums for [1980s Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band] SCREAM and open up for the CRO-MAGS, now he's with the FLU PFIZERS, the FLU FIGHTERS, and it's, like, 'We're playing vaccinated-only shows.' What kind of bullshit is that? What kind of fucking bullshit are you fucking dealing with in your fucking head that you would play a vaccinated-only fucking show?"

Foo Fighters On The Honda Stage At The iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles Hosted By Chelsea Handler

Photo: Getty Images North America