MIKE LEVINE Says Recession Derailed TRIUMPH's Reunion Plans

The first-ever feature documentary about TRIUMPH's dramatic career is tentatively due later this year. Produced by Emmy and Peabody award-winning Banger Films,"Triumph: Lay It On The Line"is a Crave original documentary that was previously described as "a celebratory, exhilarating thrill ride through the history of one of rock's most unsung acts." The film covers TRIUMPH's humble beginnings as staples of the GTA circuit in the mid-'70s to their heyday as touring juggernauts, selling out arenas and stadiums all across North America with their legendary spectacular live shows — and way beyond.

Asked if there is a chance that TRIUMPH could do some recording in the studio again at some point ,Levine said: "That's always possible. We leave that door open all the time. If anybody comes up with something that's really cool that we can go in and still be able to play and/or sing, yeah, the door is always open. The studio sits there, and we can use it."