TONY IOMMI Looks Back On His Brief Stint With JETHRO TULL

Speaking about his brief stint with JETHRO TULL in December 1968 after leaving EARTH, his pre-BLACK SABBATH band with Osbourne ,Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, Iommi said: "I felt really weird not being with the other guys. I really missed them. But the thing was I felt a bit out of place 'cause I was joining basically an established band and I wanted to be a part of an established band; I wanted to be able to earn my own dues, if you like. I didn't wanna join a band that was already doing well and I was just gonna be the guitar player. I wanted to be in a band where you all worked together and you are a band. I didn't wanna be the guitar player in JETHRO TULL and like a side musician; I wanted to be a part of a team. So I said to Geezer, 'Let's get the band back together,' which is what we did. We called Ozzy and Bill from London, and we said we're coming back. 'If everybody's really serious about this, I'm willing to leave and we'll get back together again and really work at it. And that's what everybody suggests.' So that's what we did."