SCOTT WEILAND's Death Examined In REELZ's 'The Last Hours Of Scott Weiland'

Known affectionately as "the last great rock star," grunge icon Scott Weiland died on December 3, 2015. The singer and songwriter was just 48. His death came suddenly while on the road with his new band THE WILDABOUTS.

Scott sold over 20 million records as lead singer of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and supergroup VELVET REVOLVER, and he famously lived the rock star lifestyle to the full. As sales skyrocketed, he indulged in all the excesses that come with success in the music business, but all the time he was battling alcoholism and mental illness.

A January 2016 report from Billboard revealed that Scott was dealing with hepatitis C, mental illness and the knowledge that both his parents had cancer in the final months of his life. The article featured interviews with Scott's widow Jamie, his mother Sharon, his WILDABOUTS bandmates Tommy Black and Nick Maybury, tour manager Aaron Mohler and others.