R I P Singer Songwriter and Radio host Michael Stanley

“Michael was the king of Cleveland, and of course the Michael Stanley Band became a Midwest powerhouse,"Joe Walshdeclared in a statement published byCleveland.com. "Michael has always been a master at the craft of songwriting. His songs have a way of getting in your head and became songs you end up singing to yourself over and over from then on...His music will always be part of me”

His run with WNCX ended suddenly on Mar. 3 when the stationannounced: “Michael Stanley is dealing with serious health issues that prevent him from joining you in his 3-7pm time slot. It has been important to him to be on air up until recently, because you, his fans, mean that much to him. As of right now he is unable to continue doing that.”

I had the privledge of Hiring Michael to WNCX in 1990 and he was a big big part of guiding the Station to #1

It was an honor to be his friend and co - worker


Doug Podell

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