GENE SIMMONS On KISS's 'The Elder'' Album: 'It Was A Time Of Flux'

Gene Simmons was asked about KISS's much-maligned 1981 concept album"Music From 'The Elder'".

"It was a time of flux," he said. "A lot of bands were trying to figure out who they were and so were we. Sometimes if you do the same thing forever, you think, like that Peggy Lee song, 'Is that all there is?' We did try to fool around on some tracks like ['Destroyer'song]'Great Expectations'[sings chorus in falsetto].

Forty years later,"Music From 'The Elder'"has attained a cult-classic status among a segment of diehardKISSfans. A great part of the album's appeal lies in the mysterious conditions under which it was created. But the general consensus is that the record was a monumental disaster and by far the band's worst.


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