Dave's Dream Scene

Dave Grohl gives us tickets into his head alot, recently sharing how he still gets to jam with Nirvana in dreams where Kurt's alive and well, and popping off that his daughter Violet was born with perfect pitch (how does one tell when a baby is a good singer) but that he tries to keep himself outta her aspirations, cause it's her pathway. And with the next Foo Fighters album coming out in March entitled 'Medicine at Midnight', he also told us about his spooky childhood fears. In the new single he's teasing out, "Waiting on a War" Dave delves into little kid fears of missiles raining down from the skies above Washington DC and soldiers in his backyard provoked by the political tensions in the 80's. Saying, "...my youth was spent under the dark cloud of a hopeless future,' even though nothing quite got to Def Con 5 like it did on January 6th. Checkout the Foo Fighters performance of one of their new songs, "Shame Shame" which is NOT about that infamous "Game of Thrones" episode where Cersei walked to the Red Keep nude!! Okay, enough dorking out for the day.