Metallica to Led Zeppelin Billy Corgan named 10 favourite metal albums

The Smashing Pumpkins may not be the first band you think of when you ponder on the elusive genre of metal but, the truth is that Billy Corgan, the band’s enigmatic frontman, has come out on numerous occasions to speak of his love of bands like Slayer, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin as key influences to the band’s generation-defining sound. It’s clear that metal runs through Corgan’s veins.

When speaking with Artist Direct, Corgan even highlighted that his knowledge ran a little deeper than just the genre’s headliners.

Billy Corgan’s 10 favourite metal albums:

  • Fun House– The Stooges (1969)
  • Physical Graffiti– Led Zeppelin (1975)
  • Restless And Wild– Accept (1982)
  • God Hates Us All– Slayer (2001)
  • On Stage– Rainbow (1977)
  • Far Beyond Driven– Pantera (1994)
  • Unleashed In The East– Judas Priest (1979)
  • Melissa– Mercyful Fate (1983)
  • Master Of Puppets– Metallica (1986)
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath– Black Sabbath (1973)

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