Aquaman Is The Hero We Need Now

So...i know guys who are so threatened by Jason Mamoa, that they sneer when you say what a cool guy he is and spout all kinds of uncomplimentary and unfounded criticisms.. It's ok men. He can't have all of the female population who dream of hanging out on a beach with him, surfing, lounging in a hammock and cooking a fish he caught in a firepit he dug. Besides :Lisa Bonet. But if you take a closer look, JM is musically hip: Doing a video as Ozzy. Environmentally astute: Scolding Chris Pratt for holding a single use plastic water bottle in a tweet. And humble: Revealing that nobody would hire him after he played Drogo on Game Of Thrones, because they didn't think he could speak English. Which makes me wonder if the casting directors are all the sour grapes guys who see Mamoa as a threat to their mundane Dad-Bod lifestyles. I mean, you can phone it in as long as there isn't some chiseled guy competing for the glory, right? And don't get me wrong, women have the same catty dispositions when the newest, hottest and youngest women pose all over social media smooshing it in our faces that we really need to pick up OUR acts. But the recent revelation that he had played a part as dynamic as Drogo from something as huge as HBO's GOT, ending up destitute when they killed his character off is the kind of relatable life consequences story that we're all experiencing now. It's why I feel like he's the hero we need now. A guy everyone thought had it made, twisting in the wind because of shortsighted Hollywood movers and shakers, but persisting through the idiocrasy till he could prove himself again in Aquaman and now in the Dune Movie Arc. Where he wins me over again by being stars truck by the other starpower in the series including Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and a Skarsgard. Humble, earthy and cool and from time to time he pops by Detroit. Jason Mamoa remains my Sun, Moon and Stars, although I'm sure he continues to be that for many other women and possibly a few men because really, what's not to love?