Tom Morello's October Surprise

Tom Morello behind a guitar feels like a full body massage. It tingles in every part of you, from head to happy ending. Tom doesn't disappoint in this homage to his idols, putting a period on October with an EP that is dedicated to those who reconfigured our brain waves before him. Whatever inspired him to rip through these songs inspires me to crank them as high as my Klipsh Subwoofer will permit (which I gotta say is pretty frickin' loud). His tribute to Hendrix with the wah wah pedal on extra chunky and the fuzz fattening the bottom of Jimi's already epic treatment gave me a rock n roll "Calgon, take me away" moment. He then gets into a duel with Slash, and pays tribute to Eddie on the song 'Secretariat', double-tapping me into an hypnotic trance. I may have snuck a few too many Reese's on Halloween, but Tom's tribute to guitar's past geniuses is the most delicious treat of the season. Leave your reviews in the Comments below. Or just put it on, turn it up, and feel it.