Papa Don't Screech

Right about 2017 the frontman of Papa Roach needed urgent vocal cord surgery. Coincidentally, they had just finished the Crooked Teeth Tour and if you listen to this send-up of the incendiary version of the brit pop band Blur's tune, Song #2, you'll see why he blew out his pipes. For the lack of concerts and for that matter, any other form of performance connectivity, bands are dredging up unreleased versions of their old songs. Or, in this case, live snippets from the good old days when we could jump up and down in the front row and scream "woo hoo" along with this song and not worry about getting a faceful of Covid. It's a pretty awesome re-do of a pretty awesome song to begin with. Put it on your work out tape for maximum circulation. Thanks Coby, for putting it out there!