Trudi's Tech: Highway Hi Fi

No bad ideas in a brainstorm, right? That's what the market for success movement would have you believe. But this week in '55..that's 1955, Chrysler introduced a new product for delivering automotive audio that they thought was epic!!! It would answer the demand for something besides radio!! I can't help but be offended even this far into the future at the lengths they wanted to go to to avoid hearing commercials on radio, even their own commercials!! At the same time, I've got that smug hindsight of someone who read about this and thought: WTF? A record player in a car? How in the hell does that work? But apparently it did. For a little while. Watching the video, the concept of the Highway Hi Fi was sorta cool, what with all that aqua deco styling and all. But the reality of it, like 8 Track tapes, turned out to be the one thing they didn't think through. Eventually, there was only one supplier of tunage that worked in the Highway Hi Fi, and they had limited access to music licenses. So your dashboard was consumed by this huge device that could only 10 songs. So, ha ha! Radio wins that argument!! It is cool to see all the different innovations for music in your vehicle, though.