Lenny Kravitz is So Not What You'd Picture of a Guy Named Lenny Kravitz

Somebody on twitter seeing all of the Lenny Kravitzing happening lately because the zen bro has just busted out a book after living on a Bahamian Island for the past 7 months, that Lenny Kravitz is the antithesis of who you'd expect to see upon hearing that name. But take a whiff, cause he's the shiznit. At age 56, he's driving men crazy by owning all the cool there is to own. I mean, who excels at being hot, talented, and in harmony with seemingly everything? He's not jealous of his ex wife's new hubby, Jason Mamoa, in fact the two are tight buds. And he makes everyone else's travel drama seem overwrought by telling the tale of popping by his island home in the Bahamas just before the tour down under, then being trapped there by the travel ban apparently with the carry on bag he had with him for a weekend. So there's LK, ambling around on his undeveloped beach hang, sleepin in a hammock like Zen Gilligan, biding his time in the same couple of torn up cool guy jeans. Finally, built his own house. and according to Men's Health Mag, keeping his abs ripped in his backyard which just happens to be Bahamian Jungle. Every so often he throws down some guitar licks on video to keep the chicks excited (which we are) and phones in to the Today show where he calls Al Roker cuz, and claims the phone number he posted on instagram for answering "Ask Lenny" questions is really him. He also wrote a book while he was stranded on the island which is now in stores entitled "Let Love Rule". I'll buy it just to have on my book shelf behind me during Zoom Seshs, naturally. Sorry to all the dudes who make catty remarks about what they deem Lenny's shortcomings (believe me chicks don't see it) but you must admit...the dude is the GOAT of Grooviness.