Bowling's Back! And Performance Venues! But what does it all mean?

We've been bitching for a couple months for the movie theatres to reopen!!! WE WANT OUR SOLO RECLINER MOVIE THEATRE SEATS WITH THE POPCORN AND THE DRINKS AND WE WANT IT NOW!! So Governor Whitmer has finally relented and set a date: October 9th for inside movies, bowling, ice skating, wall climbing and trampoline facilities. Also thrown into the midst of that list is this item: Performance Venues. I had to call my buddy Gary Graff @GraffonMusic from @TheOaklandPress for confirmation. Does that mean what I think it means? Yes!! Concert venues. At last can reopen October 9th. But who will go and more to the point who will perform? Gary says with the occupancy limitations imposed by the Michigan Health Department, the amount of ticket buyers through the doors of our favorite indoor concert venues might not be enough to be worth staging a show. Occupancy of course would have to make room for not just the patrons, but staff and crew and of course, whoever would perform for a limited capacity event. Now, just reckless speculation, but outdoor venues might be able to squeak a few shows in the very limited end of the season we've got left, but none of the venues have really jumped up to say they're doing it. In the meantime, the hardships for those kinds of concert venues continues to worry all of us here at Wheels and concert lovers everywhere, that some may not be able to survive even with the permission slip to reopen performance venues. Artists like Dave Grohl, Lady Gaga, and Jack White have all thrown their star power behind saving our stages, but it may take each State's determination to support Arts and Culture. If you wanna help with green light thinking or how to raise money for your favorite concert venue, might wanna check out the National Independent Venue Associations page on FB at BTW WTF with Trampoline Parks??? I got nothing against a fun day of bouncing around, but how on earth is that safe and exactly how does one keep a mask on while bouncing on a trampoline? Not trying to be a tramp hater, but can somebody explain that in the comments??? Anyone?? Crickets??