Lenny Kravitz Discovered Weed And Zeppelin On The Same Day

I remember the first time I got high. Although I'd tried pot a couple times prior, I didn't feel the effects until my friends and I "slept out" in my friend Rick's backyard and fired up our two-chamber bong purchased by an older friend at the Plum Pit on Gratiot Avenue in Eastpointe (still there by the way). It was the early summer between junior high and high school and I don't think I've laughed more in one night than I did that evening/early morning. We listened to Zeppelin, The Who and Rush while destroying entire boxes of Hostess King Dons...I'll blog in more detail another time.

Lenny Kravitz who relays a story from his new memoir Let Love Rule, he says he discovered marijuana and Led Zeppelin on the same day, “I had tried weed a couple of times before, but never felt much, says Kravitz, "I took a puff and exhaled. Still no effect. (His friend) Shannon told me to hold it in longer. I did, and this time something shifted. At precisely the same time the head rush hit, Derek slipped a cassette in his boombox.”

It was Led Zeppelin, which LK says he'd never heard before. "The mixture of marijuana and ‘Black Dog’ sent me soaring. The sky opened up. The world got bigger and more beautiful. I was f**ked up.”

Guess what I feel like doing?

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