In Celebration of the Strat

In the beginning there were Gibson and Fenders. Like the Thor's hammers of rock n roll they would become, they were revolutionized by two guitar brainiacs, at Gibson? Les Paul, and competing on the West Coast there was Leo Fender. There was a hot race to put guitars into the hands of nascent rock n rollers of the time and Fender had developed several secret weapons. First, he developed the Strat with a special curvy body, cut out horns that helped balance the guitar for a standing performer. Strats also had shoulder straps, innovated to accommodate rock n roll bands who stood to perform. And this one had three pickups on the body that gave trademark tonal quality to guitar players. And the cherry on top was the VIBRATO ARM!!! The Strat came out in '54, but it was it's 50th birthday in 2004, celebrated by the finest Strat players on the planet: Joe Walsh, Ron Wood, David Gilmour, Gary Moore and more calling themselves the Strat Pack, who thrashed the fans at a bash at Wembly Arena to giddy guitar heights. Wheels celebrates this instrument for all of the contributions it's made to our forte, Rock n Roll.