The 8 Track Tape Celebrates It's Birthday In the Basement

New cars were coming out for the model year 1965. This year Ford had an exciting new feature to sell: The 8 Track Tape!! Available in Mustangs, Thunderbirds and Lincolns, the 8 Track players were endless looped tape connected by metal sensing tabs that would play whole albums in your car!! Yee Haw!! Developed by a consortium that included the Big 3 and Lear Corporation, 8 Tracks plodded away until the Cassette Deck was invented and relegated the lo-tech 8 Tracks to people's basements. But for a time it was glorious. Until the song you were listening to went longer than the length of tape that was connected by the metal splice and then: CLUNK!!! But cheers to the 8 Track on it's birthday. Of course nothing was better than DJ's who were always there for you providing music the entire time and are rarely retired to a box in someone's basement. Sorry, that was cheeky.