It's Monday Night But 'Are You Ready For Some Football' Is Missing

Are you ready for some (more) football?

Let's try and put the dreadful Lions 4th quarter collapse out of mind. There are two more NFL games on the slate tonight for the season kick-off of Monday Night Football. But fans settling in will not hear the familiar Hank Williams Jr. 'All My Rowdy Friends'. Instead they will hear a classic Little Richard song called 'Rip It Up' that was originally released in 1956 and updated with additional lyrics provided by the band Butcher Brown.

Little Richard was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame in 1986 and passed away earlier this year.

Hank Williams Jr.'s theme was used from 1989 through 2011 and returned in 2017.

Listen to the new MNF theme song.

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