Are You Ready For Some Lions Football?

The quick answer is, "HELL YES!!"...but there's more to it than that. In what has been the strangest year in every living person's life, the NFL season began last night in Kansas City as the Chiefs defeated the Houston Texans 34-20 in front of roughly 16,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium.

Our Honolulu Blue and Silver Warriors open their season Sunday against the Chicago Bears at an empty Ford Field. (Look for your favorite WLLZ cutout-personalities in the stands). But I've never needed my Lions more than this year. Desperate for some autumnal familiarity, Sunday football will hopefully fill some of that void. Baseball is back, minus fans as well and the NBA and NHL simply don't hold my interest as there's no local lure.

But as mediocre as the Lions have been, literally for my entire life, we as fans want nothing more than for this team to reach the ever-elusive Super Bowl. Forget World Series championships or Red Wings parades down Woodward Avenue, if the Lions ever reached the Super Bowl, forget winning, if they just made it to the championship game, this city would have a party bigger than any this region has ever seen. Maybe it's because they only play 16 games, so each one matters a lot. Maybe it's our tough, sometimes overly defensive Detroit exterior that we don't appreciate anyone mocking OUR team. Whatever it is, the Lions fan base is more dedicated than any of the other three.

Is it a long shot?...Always, but we need you more than ever, Lions.

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