The Whitesnake Rises Again

"Dahrrrrlinnngs..." David Coverdale called us when Bill and I interviewed him earlier this Summer. He's so full of himself that it's no wonder he suffered a groin injury!! But beloved DC declaring grandly that his bits are now fixed!!! He got the hernia surgery at last and is forthwith 100% In his message to fans Dave says: "Finally, I was able to have hernia surgery!!! 1000 thanks to All the caring, loving & incredible professionals at Renown for taking such good care of me..." followed by many heart emojis You're really missing out an an entertaining follow if you've never been to @davidcoverdale. Meanwhile, enjoy the video from '87 with every member of Whitesnake sporting curly long 'coverdalian' locks and the absurd fashion of that time in our history that includes a wife beater and pastel pants worn high up over one's hernia area.