Sebastian Bach Sings Along With Steve Perry's 'Oh Sherrie'

Over the holiday weekend former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach took to social media to sing along to his Steve Perry record.

Bach says, "For all you audiophiles out there, what you are hearing right here is my voice panned either to the left or the right or both of Steve Perry's voice, which is in the center, which I left alone. So technically this is a duet. My voice is louder in the mix than the track and you can hear us both. I do not have Pro Tools installed on my computer, this is at the most two of my voices in the chorus only. Crank it up right from my record room to yours!"

In 2018, Bach credited Perry with helping him expand his vocal range, saying that he when he prepares for a tour, he warms up to Perry and Journey songs. "Steve's voice is so incredible to listen to and such an inspiration to all vocalists worldwide."