Bret Micheals Celebrity House Hunting Again!!

Back in 2012 Bret Micheals telegenic blue eyes went in search of a home for himself and his family. The content hungry Biography producers swanned him around digs in LA so Bret could noodle out his list of Pros and Cons in front of an audience eager to see what kind of cribs rock stars got up to. It turns out it was just a real estate show feeding on people's voyeur tendencies to nose into mansions that Bret didn't end up buying. Instead according to Google, he built a fabuloso mansion in Westlake. But THAT wasn't far enough out of he's selling it for $5 mill and going in search of what's next in Bret's quest for wide open spaces. Must be a great mansion buyer's market. His old digs boast a pool, gym, 6 baths and 6 bedrooms and of course a walk-in Bandanna closet. Funny thing is, Bret in search of a home for his family back in 2012 leaves me wondering why he spent 3 seasons searching for his dream girl on Rock of Love for 3 seasons in 2017. It would take a forensic accountant to keep Bret's life sorted. And he doesn't lack for a sense of humor about himself, most recently revealed as the banana (get it?) on the Masked Singer.