Did They Get Tired of Singing Godzilla Every Summer?

I can only speculate why BOC decided to wait 20 years before deciding suddenly to make a new album. After years of spending Summer evenings at the DTE's or Arts Beats and Eats Stages, possibly they got tired of so much cowbell in 'Reaper' or singing Godzilla,, god zilla, god.." every night all summer long across the United States. Or could it be that they didn't get that road show cheddar this year because of Covid, so had to explore other income streams. Whichever it is, we're excited about the new Blue Oyster Cult no matter how long it took. Drops October 9th and they've chummed the waters with a pair of songs off the upcoming album. Hope you like the one I picked out for you. BTW, apparently for all the shows they play, there aren't very many images available for BOC, the only one I could link to this article was Rudy Sarzo, rock n roll's greatest utility infielder bassist who's done Guess Who, Quiet Riot, Ozzy and Whitesnake. Lookin' goooood Rudy!!