Finding Tom Petty in a Garden of Flowers

He strums an acoustic and frolicks in his backyard chasing his pets while blossoms and vines animate beneath his feet. I hope that's where a guy like Tom Petty is-- if there's an afterlife. Taking over the backyard of heaven with friends while softly strumming a guitar by a campfire transporting us to our own happy places. Yeah, there's a bit of hippie living in this body with me.Sorry. Missing Tom Petty is like what it must feel like to miss a limb. You keep thinking it's there because of that phantom phenomenon where something so integral is still hardwired into your brain. But he's long gone, astral projecting the hell outta here in 2017, though leaving behind the Wildflowers. This new release comes out on the anniversary of us losing Tom, from the Petty estate. It includes 'home brewed' versions of the Wildflowers album called 'Wildflowers and All The Rest' including the aforementioned never before seen footage. Also, unreleased performances and live tracks along with the versions of demos he plunked out in his home studio in Malibu. Careful who you watch this in front of, if you're a sentimental sissy girl like me, you might cry. Promise NO MORE WEEPING FOR DEAD ROCK STARS HERE!