Scuba Diving with Keith Moon in Flint

Sunday is the anniversary of Keith Moon's 21st Birthday Bash in Flint, Michigan. There are those who don't believe it ever happened because there was no photographic evidence of the Lincoln Keith drove into the Holiday Inn's pool. But there were witnesses. DJ's from Flint and Detroit were at that show at Atwood Stadium on August 23rd, 1967. The after show party at the Holiday Inn included cake. Keith, might not have been in the mood for cake, possibly because amphetamines kill the appetite and that's what Moonie was into at the time. It does however give you outrageous energy and terrible judgement when you pair it with alcohol. At least that's what 'they' say. So, along the Who's tour, Moon had been destroying televisions, cherry bombing toilets and in this instance: flinging cake at the DJ's and crew of the tour there to wish him a Happy Birthday. The massive food fight that ensued, infuriated the Holiday Inn's managment, who asked Moon's 'handlers' to get a grip on him. He was admonished to go outside to 'cool off'. Little did the tour manager realize how that would soon be achieved. Moonie shot out of the hotel in his undies, according to him, and blazed a path to a row of parked cars. There, he popped the parking break on a Lincoln Continental and it rolled (he didn't drive it) into the pool. It's a great story remembering it from all this time later, but Holiday Inn sent the tour a bill for $24,000 which was settled up by Herman's Hermits manager Edd Mc Cann. Eventually, Moon's appetite for destruction and lavish spending cost him dearly, eating up a huge chunk of his paycheck from the Who, but he never tired of being the center of attention. He died in '78 of an overdose of, get this: the drug doctor's prescribed to help him manage his alcoholism. Happy Birthday Moonie!! And Cheers!