Ozzy Biopic Promises To Be 'An Adult Movie For Adults'

Evidently there's a new Ozzy biopic in the works and the Prince Of Darkness has nothing to do with it but his family does. “Don’t ask me anything about it, says Ozzy, "My family are involved, and I said to my wife, ‘Good luck.’ To get my three kids to agree on one thing, you’ve got to get up really early in the morning.”

Sharon Osbourne says fans shouldn't expect a Hallmark Channel version of Ozzy's life, taking a swing at Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody - the Freddie Mercury biopic.

“Our film will be a lot more real,” she told Rolling Stone magazine, “We don’t want it to be squeaky, shiny clean and all of that. We’re not making it for kids. It’s an adult movie for adults.”

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