No Big Ten Football?!...Eff You Covid-19!!

No early season predictions. No tailgating. No inter-office taunting during Michigan/Michigan State week. It's all gone...there will be no college football this fall in the state of Michigan. At least no Division 1 football as the Mid-American Conference (Central, Western and Eastern Michigan) cancelled their season this past Saturday and the Big Ten followed suit Tuesday afternoon.

“We just believe collectively there's too much uncertainty at this point in time in our country to really encourage our student-athletes to participate in fall sports,” Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said on the Big Ten Network. The Pac-12 conference also cancelled all fall sports.

I admit, this is a completely selfish rant. There's nothing better than a few friends hanging out with some beers and a giant vat of chili, watching a Saturday Big Ten noon match up. Ideally, the University of Michigan. Fall has always been my favorite season...let me count the ways. no particular order.

  • Playoff baseball
  • Sweater weather
  • Halloween
  • Cider Mills
  • Michigan or (to a lesser degree) Michigan State college football Saturdays

There is no better time of the year but, this is financially disastrous for every school involved as football revenue funds most of the other fall sports. Oh yeah, this doesn't affect just Football, every fall sport has been cancelled. And I feel horrible for the players. They've worked their entire lives to get to this point and it's all been taken away. Taken away by this virus that we just can't seem to corral.

The B1G officials say they're going to try to get a football season in this spring. I hope they do because I don't know if my morale can take another hit.

Well at least I won't have to watch those filthy Buckeyes destroy Michigan yet again.

This fall is going to suck.

P.S. - F**K You, Coronavirus!!

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