Hooray! It's Opening Day!

We're all behind our baseball team, go get 'em Tigers!...Welcome to Tigers Opening Day 2020, the pandemic version. In a year that will go down as the weirdest ever, The Detroit Tigers have their home opener tonight against the K.C. Royals...on July 27th! There will be no Military fly-over. There will be no throngs of humanity filling the streets around Comerica Park as game time approaches. And unless you're grilling them at home, no hot dogs or beer. Now, I can still grab a bag of peanuts and leave the shells on the ground but, probably wouldn't be appreciated by my wife.

At any rate, the Tigers are 2-1 on the 'young' season and have as good a chance as any to make the playoffs...so long as they keep playing.

In summation, f**k you, coronavirus!

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